DOLCHEM®’s Strategy and regard for our responsibilities is what drives us to maintain a watchful eye on all steps of the supply chain until the product reaches the end-destination and the customer is satisfied.


DOLCHEM® products are being manufactured in carefully selected facilities, with selection mainly based on:
- Labor factor (especially DOLCHEM®’s condemnation of the use of child labor)
- Health and safety
- Environmental management
- Management system (Accountability – Responsibility – Audit - Quality - Certifications)
- Ethics
- Production & supply scale

Testing and audit:

Besides audits of production sites, DOLCHEM® chemists go through series of verifications and quality auditing in cooperation with a number of independent labs.


DOLCHEM® sets its packaging in accordance with its commitment to high standards and the requirements set in law by the destination country.
Our comprehensive process of product identification includes: lot tracking numbers/codes along with certain safe handling features such as; multi lingual safety labeling (i.e. WHMIS).
All due care is taken before shipping.

We remain flexible to packaging requests, and we aim to accommodate these so far as possible.

Carefully selected warehouses to leverage consolidation possibilities and flexibility; DOLCHEM® sets this also as the last stop where the last check for the conformity of the packaging, palletizing and quantities. DOLCHEM® products are made to order; therefore the warehousing period is set to be short that is another added value of having a freshly manufactured product and an extended warranty for our products.


DOLCHEM® actively and continuously seeks the well established shippers and transportation third parties; it is important to us to have our products well delivered and on time, according to schedules and at a reasonable cost.

Customer service:

DOLCHEM® works closely with its clients to understand all aspects of their procurement needs and process. More importantly, we look at providing solutions for challenges that our customers have been struggling with. Our chemists, customer-service personnel, managers are fully and integrally committed to the strategy we set, and are always ready to support our customers’ business needs as stated in our code of conduct.
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